A description of the uwa thrive in the cloud forests of colombia

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A description of the uwa thrive in the cloud forests of colombia

A description of the uwa thrive in the cloud forests of colombia

Registramos un total de especies en 18 bosques de niebla localizados entre y m s. We recorded species in 18 cloud forests located between and m a. We present a qualitative assessment of relative abundance and habitat preferences for each species.

Besides this, the out- standing new bird records we found contradict the view of the Cordillera Central as a relatively well explored area in Colombia. Sixteen species of conservation concern have healthy populations in these cloud forests; for instance, we report all the 16 localities known for the Chestnut-capped Piha Lipaugus weberi whose range is entirely confined to our study region.

Accepted 7 June Second, several new The cloud forests of the Andes in northwest- species-level taxa, like the Chestnut-capped ern South America are recognized for their Piha Lipaugus weberihave been found in extremely high levels of avian diversity and such a small area Cuervo et al.

Lastly, endemism Stotz et al.

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How- Here we report a comprehensive list of ever, many more localities in that stretch of the avifauna of the cloud forests of the north- the Andes are better known, particularly in ern Cordillera Central as a result of our stud- eastern Ecuador and Peru Terborghies in 18 localities of the region from to Stotz et al.

Our goal is to provide baseline infor- other portions with continuous cloud forests mation for ongoing and future biodiversity along altitudinal gradients such as the unex- research and conservation action in the plored areas of the Andes of Colombia van region.

Occidental, Our study area encompasses the northern- Central and Oriental Fig. Each cordillera most end of the Cordillera Central of the has a unique geological history and distinctive Colombian Andes, consisting of 18 premon- topographic, climatic and ecological features tane wet forests Espinal located McCourt et al.

The landscape average, of the three McCourt et al. Since we have been conducting Ornithological studies conducted since opportunistic observations, recordings of bird have suggested that the avifauna of the pre- vocalizations, and general specimen collecting montane forests of the northern Cordillera that complemented a more comprehensive Central is one of the most intriguing of north- systematic survey focused on the nine locali- ern South America.

Map of northwestern South America depicting terrain above m elevation in gray. The loca- tion of our study area in the northern Cordillera Central is delimited by a square and shown in detail in the right panel.

Open circles represent the location of study sites and numbers within correspond to the local- ity list in Table 1. The systematic reported elsewhere Cuervo et al. Voucher specimens dillera Central Appendix 1a relatively high were taken whenever possible and deposited number for a local montane avifauna in such in the Instituto de Ciencias Naturales ICNnarrow elevation range.

Geographic coordinates north latitude, west longitudeelevation range m a. Local- ity numbers as mapped in Figure 1. Localities Coordinates Elevation Fieldwork Species m days richness 1. To this region coincide the geo- zosa, and Santa Gertrudis Table 1.

These graphic ranges of taxa, at the species and sub- are, overall, medium to large forests from species level, characteristic of the northern to more than ha with lower distur- Andes e.

Further- Diglossa indigoticaor lowlands and foothills of more, Lipaugus weberi is exclusively known Central America e. Except for the adja- paper, twelve more since its description in cent northern Cordillera Occidental and However, not only new species have mostly range between and m, the been recently described Cuervo et al.

For example, we presented birds locally extirpated in other portions of evidence for 36 unexpected species in the the Colombian Andes see Renjifo have region that reinforced the pattern of mixture relatively large populations in our region is of biogeographical realms in this corner of indicative of the mild history of disturbance South America Cuervo et al.

That of the northern end the cordillera. The finding of a dis- that still remain unprotected. By being located tinct avifauna in its northern end implies that in the middle of a forest continuum from collecting surveys in the poorly-explored areas m a.

First record of the Slaty-backed Nightingale-Thrush in the central ha. Bravorealistic conservation impact of — Assemblage of the region is still to be seen. We believe and population-level consequences of forest that a network of reserves owned by local fragmentation on bilateral asymmetry in tropi- farmers would cradle long-term, sustainable cal montane birds.

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Nechi forests, which are now threatened by Cuervo, A. A new species of piha Cotin- human colonization. Lipaugus from the Cordillera Central of Colombia. Scytalopus stilesi, a new species of tapaculo Rhinocryptidae from the Cordillera We appreciate the hospitality of the local peo- Central of Colombia.

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