A glimpse into the life and career of jackie robinson

Early life Family and personal life Robinson was born on January 31,into a family of sharecroppers in Cairo, Georgia.

A glimpse into the life and career of jackie robinson

His mother, Mallie Robinson, single-handedly raised Jackie and her four other children. They were the only black family on their block, and the prejudice they encountered only strengthened their bond.

Growing up in a large, single-parent family, Jackie excelled early at all sports and learned to make his own way in life.


Inhe was named to the All-American football team. Due to financial difficulties, he was forced to leave college and eventually decided to enlist in the U.

A glimpse into the life and career of jackie robinson

After two years in the army, he had progressed to second lieutenant. In the end, Jackie left the Army with an honorable discharge. But greater challenges and achievements were in store for him. The Major Leagues had not had an African-American player sincewhen baseball became segregated.

When Jackie first donned a Brooklyn Dodger uniform, he pioneered the integration of professional athletics in America. As a result of his great success, Jackie was eventually inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in As an African-American baseball player, Jackie was on display for the whole country to judge.

Rachel and their three children, Jackie Jr. Also that year, The United States Post Office honored Robinson by making him the subject of a commemorative postage stamp. In its fourth decade of licensing and clearing intellectual property rights, CMG Worldwide is the recognized leader in its field.

CMG helps you navigate through and effectively manage the licensing process, while providing peace of mind that you have addressed all the outstanding clearance concerns.Apr 15,  · Remembering Jackie Robinson's top five career highlights. In his later years, Jackie Robinson admitted that he was nervous before his Brooklyn Dodgers played .

It is common for modern baseball fans to ask why Jackie Robinson is such a famous name in the sport. Not everyone is aware of the history of bigotry and racism Robinson had to deal with throughout his entire baseball career – before, during and after he joined the major leagues.

Aug 21,  · Watch video · Jackie Robinson’s Baseball Career Jackie Robinson’s debut in organized baseball (April 18, , with the Montreal Royals of the International League, the . “Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart” provides a glimpse into the life of a star player that was adored and admired as an athlete, yet rejected and dishonored as a person off the diamond.

An advocate of nonviolence and peaceful protest, Jackie Robinson let his talent speak for itself and became an inspiration and a symbol of opportunity for. A Glimpse Into the Life and Career of Jackie Robinson PAGES 6.

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A glimpse into the life and career of jackie robinson

More essays like this: kansa city monarchs negro league team, the los angeles dodgers, hubert humphery, life of jackie robinson. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

Exactly what I needed. - Jenna Kraig. Jackie Robinson's Baseball Career Early in Jackie's life, he graduated from Washington Junior High School in and enrolled in John Muir High School. While he was there, his brothers, Frank and Matthew "Mack"-who himself was an Olympic athlete- encouraged Jackie to .

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