A study of the relation of tourism in the development of identities

In her work, she focuses on risky behaviors and vulnerable populations, exploring the impacts of risk taking on health and wellbeing. Berdychevsky examines two interrelated aspects of health and risk behaviors that have gained little attention in both leisure and tourism literature. First, she investigates sexual behavior and risk taking among young and senior adults in various leisure and tourism contexts. Her research indicates that sexual risk taking is a multidimensional and complex phenomenon and provides recommendations for tailoring gender-sensitive, age-appropriate, and context-specific sexual health education messages.

A study of the relation of tourism in the development of identities

It is like any other tourism product but needs a mindset change at all levels of the industry to understand its nature. Executive Summary The tourism industry is facing a rapidly changing environment. The population is ageing and living longer.

This active generation, who will be carrying with them age related disabilities, will expect a new level of accommodation from the tourism industry.

A study of the relation of tourism in the development of identities

They will not identify with the traditional disability sector, but will instead expect accessible tourism services to be provided by the mainstream industry. This generation is tech savvy and online and will expect accessibility information to be provided in the same place as all other tourism information, whether that is accommodation, attraction specific or destination wide.

Government policy encouraging diversity of employment will also greatly affect the MICE market. Conference organisors and venue operators will have to accept that almost all future conferences will have to cater for people with a disability at all levels of client companies.

The tourism industry has to make a quantum shift in the way it views people with a disability and has to learn how to provide fulfilling experiences as it does with any other sector. It is imperative that the changing demographic is taken into account and that future Tourism Strategies around the world incorporate an active role in encouraging the industry to adopt Accessible Tourism product.

Further, tourism advertising should incorporate Accessible Tourism to attract the market. Major events should all cater for people of all abilities as part of the normal operation. It has been driven by the Social Model of Disability and backed up by regulation in the form of the Disability Discrimination Acts in various forms around the world.

From a tourism point of view that has translated through building codes and other standards. The result of a compliance first approach is that travellers with a disability have been regarded as a risk management issue and the accessible facilities that have been created regarded as a cost impost and not a valuable commercial asset.

It has been argued that those assets are excessive as they have below industry average utilisation. The incorporation of Accessible Tourism into a Tourism Strategy creates the opportunity to review Accessible Tourism as a viable tourism market and not just a social responsibility, and in so doing, it affords the opportunity to create a competitive advantage in the Tourism Market.

Accessible Tourism has to be about understanding a new market and developing products and services to match those customer expectations in a programmatic not risk management approach. The growth of the market is being driven by the following key factors: The ageing population The retiring and cash up Baby Boomer Generation A changing perception of the soft adventure market New technologies opening up greater opportunities for people with a disability The Economics of Accessible Tourism In recent years the economics of the Accessible Tourism and Leisure sectors have started to come to the fore.

The ground breaking research of Dr. The average travel group size for people with a disability is 2. There is a myth that the accessible tourism market does not spend because of economic circumstance and are a significant proportion of each travel market segment.

They travel on a level comparable with the general population for domestic overnight and day trips. In many categories, like travel, boomers will represent over 50 percent of consumption.

From the Intergenerational Report - Australia in The number of Australians aged 65 and over is projected to more than double bywith 1 in 1, people projected to be aged over Inthis was 1 in 10, The number of people aged 15 to 64 for every person aged 65 and over has fallen from 7.

Bythis is projected to nearly halve again to 2.


Baby Boomer Attitudes will change the required product mix It is clear from the demographic data that the Baby Boomer generation will have a significant impact on the tourism market. The Baby Boomers will be unlike any other generation of retirees that have come before it.

It is an adventurous and consumer driven generation.

A study of the relation of tourism in the development of identities

Further, unlike previous generations, it will spend its accumulated wealth rather than build a nest egg to pass on to future generations. It will dominate the tourism market for the next 20 years.

The Baby Boomer spending power is significant. Both the older generation and people with a disability have an image problem and are seen as passive non-involved people. As a consequence they are ignored in the product offering. The financial numbers are absolutely inarguable — the Market has the money.

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