Aim global business plan presentation

This has no quota, not compulsory and no monthly sales volume required.

Aim global business plan presentation

The company was established in from the Philippines by the triumvirate owners. Maximize your abilities… develop your potential to the fullest! Be part of the fastest growing business in ASIA! Let us build your dream.

Drive your life the NOW! Let us teach you, guide you, and bring out your full potential! It is an online division that enables the company to market in more than countries without establishing physical offices in each country. A technology from Japan that creates force field protection from the flu, bacteria, and viruses.

So much with the company profile and history, let us now proceed to the presentation on how you can start in the business. Looking for a real opportunity? Looking Solid source of income?

aim global business plan presentation

Tired of the job that is not giving you enough income? Looking for Multiple income sources? Seeking a way to fund your charity or Ministry? Wanting to retire early or quit the job? To start with the business, you have to buy any of these Business packages.

You can see that the package worth Ksh 21, has more products than the package worth Ksh 20, so you can choose wisely. Here are your membership benefits including in your package: If you sell it you even got more in return.

And once you are registered, you will have an access to the 6 ways to earn of AIM Global. Yvonne Cabansay — www. I will make a simpler sketch for you to easily understand the Marketing Plan or Ways to Earn. Retailing This has no sales quotes required. This is not compulsory. Earning millions is not on selling.

Earn even more if you purchased 7 accounts. I am willing to guide you all through your success. Contact your sponsor or if none yet, Contact:Welcome to AIM Global Networks! AIM Global Networks is a distributor site serving the information and resource needs of distributors and partners of Alliance in Motion Global, Inc.

(AIM Global), as well as others interested in building additional income streams.

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Nov 12,  · This is AIM Global Business Plan Presentation for all of us. If You Wants to know more about it then contact me and skype and beh Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. The aim of this lecture is to present on Pesticides. Pesticides kill insects that will damage crops.

They also kill harmless insects or can get washed into rivers and pollute the water. Stages in the Public Policy Process Genesis of the Public Policy Stage I Feedback on the Public Policy Development of the Public Policy Stage II Stage IV. Watch AIM Global Product Presentation.

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