An analysis of the characteristics of a highly industrialized society

Industrial societies are in a continual state of rapid change due to technological innovations. The high level of productivity in industrial societies further stimulates population growth where people start living in cities and urban areas. New medical technologies and improved living standards serve to extend life expectancy. The division of labor becomes complex with the availability of specialized jobs.

An analysis of the characteristics of a highly industrialized society

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. EDITION Professional psychologist, motivational writer Characteristics of Highly-Sensitive People Many of our writers, creators, inventors, imaginaries, discoverers, and people who have contributed greatly to this world may fall in the category of highly sensitive.

We need more of these people and we need to encourage them to unleash their potential. She adds that about 30 percept of people are moderately sensitive, while 50 percent of people think of themselves as being sensitive while they are "not at all sensitive. Unpredictable and unstable emotions 4.

Demanding and attention thirsty Characteristics of highly sensitive people: Have great imagination 2. Have great intellectual abilities 3. Have a curious mind 5. Are hard workers 6. Are good problem solvers 7. Are extremely conscious and compassionate 8.

An analysis of the characteristics of a highly industrialized society

Are intuitive, caring and spiritual 9. Have a strong sense of aesthetic awareness Respect nature, art and music greatly Have profound and intense sensations Can access important information from the unconscious mind Have a depth of understanding and feelings Some of these are a loss of balance when it comes to a self-sacrifice schema, which always leads to emotional deprivation.

For instance, Jeffrey E. Young links high sensitivity, or as he calls it, the "highly empathic temperament" with the Self-Sacrifice Schema Young,pp.

In his opinion, these individuals need to learn to focus on themselves instead of or before focusing on others and to learn to get their own needs met fist, needs they typically are not aware of.

After that self understanding, they will have a clear picture of what they want to do with their life to make a difference.

Some ways that can help HS people manage their abilities: Emotionally, highly-sensitive individuals are easily overstimulated up to a point where they may experience great pain or great joy.

They can have a combination of an introvert and an extrovert personality traits due to the fact that they need to be by themselves to become centered, and they also love connecting to other people and their environment.

As reported before, many of these people learn to mask this gift of sensitivity, intuition and creativity because they do not know how to deal with the overstimulation. Cognitive modification can be helpful 2.

Physically, highly-sensitive people need time and space to be by themselves to process the amount of input they absorb. They may have low tolerance to noise and anything too strong when it comes to sensations.

They also seem to have more body awareness and can feel when their body is not comfortable in an environment. Therefore, nutritionally they have to stick to simple foods that are full of nutrients and have a healthy balance.

They also have to connect to nature and do regular exercise, relaxation, meditation and any other activities that go with their nature to calm themselves down and recharge after the over stimulation. Socially, sometimes HS people may feel like misfits and have to learn ways to tolerate imperfections they see in the depth of others.

They need to learn to connect while having clear boundaries as to when to say no and how far to go with something and someone. In addition, HS people need to become assertive and have regular "me" times.

When it comes to their social personality, these individuals are usually shy, but their shyness is not because they are weak but rather is based on a need to survive.

Since their nature is oversensitive, biologically they are designed to be shy as a self-protection mode. However, if the shyness is too much and is affecting their need to be social and to connect, then they can modify it through behavioral and cognitive modification.

Additionally, they have to learn to give and receive love and they have to realize that the process has to have a balance point. They have to understand that self sacrifice that leads to emotional deprivation is not healthy. They have to allow themselves to be vulnerable, face problems rather than running away from them, relate positively to life, and learn from their experiences.Industrial societies date from the industrial revolution about two centuries ago.

This combined, at first, two technologies: the harnessing of the power of water, steam, and fossil fuels; and the large-scale casting of iron, then steel. Feb 19,  · It has been influencing all the fields of society, economics, politics and culture.

It has played Skip to content. haosuyawen. An Analysis of American Individualism Culture. February 19, February 19, haosuyawen. Collectivistic individuals are likely to more often value highly what is best for the social. A post-industrial society is born on the heels of an industrialized society during which time goods were mass-produced utilizing machinery.

Post-industrialization exists in Europe, Japan, and the United States, and the U.S. was the first country with more than 50 . Characteristics of capitalist society. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Macionis states that Industrial capitalism appeared as the legacy of Calvinism (Macionis, ). would display some propensity for breaks and “social disasters” due to convoluted and highly differentiated partition of work, need of guideline and the exterior.

Consequently, the greatest beneficiaries in the post-industrial society are young urban professionals. As a new, educated, and politicized generation more impassioned by liberalism, social justice, and environmentalism the shift of power into their hands, as a result of their knowledge endowments, is often cited as a good thing.

The increasing .

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An industrial society is a society in which the primary means of subsistence is industry. Industry is a system of production focused on mechanized manufacturing of goods. Industry is a system of production focused on mechanized manufacturing of goods.

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