Analysis of the black power mixtape

Spanning everything from a portrait of Barack Obama in his youth to the rise of the Black Power movement in the s, these films are sure broaden your black film vocabulary: Netflix 3 "Fruitvale Station" Ryan Coogler's powerful directorial debut tells the true story of the last day in the life of Oscar Grant. Grant, played by Michael B. Jordan, was a year-old black man who was shot and killed by Bay Area police in in a shocking display of brutality that went viral on YouTube.

Analysis of the black power mixtape

According to TMZ, Bobbi Kristina, 18, was rushed to the hospital today from the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where her mother had been found dead in her bath, but later released. Whitney's cousin, Dionne Warwick, was also turned away.

There will be one tonight at Analysis of the black power mixtape Grammys. Rumors are singers Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan will sing in her honor. There are already tributes on various radio stations, as we can tune in and hear Whitney Houston music hours.

Many deejays are digging into their grates working on Whitney Houston mixes. Houston would no doubt be in the top She was a giant among giants who will surely be missed.

Analysis of the black power mixtape

AP Our honoring Whitney will be us taking some decisive action and making a long-term commitment to end the scourge and dirty little secret that has long plagued this entertainment and music industry: But we all have to step up to the plate.

Addictions have been a big part of American society, and it is time for everyone to be bale to get Resurence from addictions. A comeback from what? Ron Galella Collection Today everyone wants to honor Whitney, but yesterday she was the butt of jokes and comedic routines.

We were addicted to the reality show with her and former husband Bobby Brown. We were addicted to the gossip around her. Is she still dating Bobby? Is she dating singer Ray J? Was she drunk or high at the last party? How many times did we wake up and turn on some urban radio station to hear a host getting their clown on about Whitney Houston.

Now many of those hosts wanna lead the way to doing tributes for someone they routinely insulted.

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She became the poster child for drug abuse and addiction in an industry that is chock full of people dead and alive who have all succumbed at one time or another to some sort of addiction.

If we look at the pantheon of great Black artists hooked on drugs of one type or another, the list is long: Keep in mind these are just Black artists. Bobbi Kristina with her parents, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston Why are we not doing anything about addictions in our community?

During the pioneering days of Hip Hop, which is the generation many of us are a part of, many of those early pioneers who paved the way had serious bouts with an array of drugs — cocaine, angel dust, freebase, sherm, alcohol etc.

Many had to deal with those demons. Many are still struggling 30 years later. But we lost another star way before her time and she was a part of that legacy — whether it was directly related to her cause of death or not.

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FilmMagic So many of us our addicted to gossip, celebrity culture, living the fast life or a version of it. Many of us are addicted to high drama and raucous discourse. How many of us took a moment to say a prayer or reflect on what she might be going through? Hell, many of us are addicted to our iphones, ipads and other gadgets that we feel we must have at all costs even as they make us go into debt to own them or give us brain tumors to use them.

Someone said Whitney represented a generation of people. Yep, she sure did. She repped the good, the bad and the very ugly and painful. She was not alone in her addictions. We all share them. Some minor, some major. Who do you think is the economic incentive for all the drugs being shipped into this country from those places?Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription.

Feb 01,  · It’s Black History Month, which means there’s really no better time to see a great film that captures the diverse narratives of black theaters, movies like “Hidden Figures.

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The Black Power Mixtape () is a 1 hour and 40 minute documentary that observes the black power movement in American history. This film is directed by Swedish director Goran Hugo Olson and has detailed footage that was shot during the s and s by Swedish journalists. Sep 08,  · The Black Power Mixtape includes plenty of interest, but it would be stronger if the filmmakers had dug a little deeper into the footage from to . The crowd at Kendrick Lamar's Dunedin show kept bouncing and dancing the whole way through the set. Yadana Saw was amongst the thousands at the award-winning rapper's first date in his DAMN. album.

Sep 08,  · But that's what The Black Power Mixtape: provides — a view from abroad, from a country with a particular enthusiasm for the American dissidents of the day — and it's pretty interesting, if far from definitive.

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