Are we as a society over entertained

TV shows and mobile phones mean children are "over-entertained" and lose their imagination because they are never bored, Jeremy Vine has said.

Are we as a society over entertained

Is it just me or have we become Is seeker-driven entertainment a viable option for growing your Church? By Eric Barger www. My first contention is that providing amusement for the people is nowhere spoken of in the Scriptures as a function of the church.

If it is a Christian work, why did not Christ speak of it? Again, providing amusement is in direct antagonism to the teaching and life of Christ and all his apostles. Keep up the distinction between a Christian and an unbeliever and make it clearer every day Avoid the appearance of evil.

There is no fear of that in these days. You will never go too far in holiness, nor become too like your Lord Jesus. If anybody accuses you of being too strict and precise, do not grieve but try to deserve the charge.

Peter Masters Originally I was going to reprint the above warnings for the wayward Church from Spurgeon in my newsletter and do so without any comment.

However, as I read and reflected on them over a period of time, it became impossible to withhold a resounding "Amen" to Spurgeon and a few observations as well.

In fact, his warnings are perhaps even more poignant for us today. Since the very beginning one of the focuses of our ministry has been to speak out about the effects of entertainment on society, in particular the Church. Though others, such as the late Neil Postman Amusing Ourselves to Deathhave denoted that particular mediums through which people are entertained i.

To have a harmless diversion, hobby, activity or interest - something we refer to as "entertainment" is not necessarily an evil practice.

Are we as a society over entertained

As with Spurgeon, my concern is the trend of making entertainment a basis for Sunday services and an enticement to draw people to church.

So then, is it wrong to find church entertaining? Do I believe that there can be nothing entertaining in our services including joy and laughter?

The answer is unequivocally NO.

Are we as a society over entertained

Is it a mark of godliness for a Christian to appear as if he has just ingested prune soup? Some of the most inspirational and impactful services I have ever taken part in were at times also entertaining. Here in lies the problem. I believe that Spurgeon would agree. In doing so the Church must build up teach and informedify and comfort the saints and reach out to the lost.

It is our task to make the world aware of the opportunity for all men to know God though a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

It is also recumbent on us to make known that certain, final and eternal judgment awaits ALL who reject Jesus. However, as Spurgeon believed, it is clearly outside of the biblical and historical model for the Church to use entertainment for the sake of just entertaining or as a primary tool to entice people to attend services.

This statement runs completely counter to the prevailing mindset being embraced by many Christian leaders today. Perhaps due to shrinking attendance and growing expenses, some evangelicals have slowly adopted the notion of "giving the people what they want" as their church plan.

Now seen as "old fashioned", "outdated" and "negative" are the biblical ideals of discipleship, doctrine, righteousness, victory over evil and the conquering of sin. Those whose books and teaching have lead the Church away from biblical thinking have probably done so without overtly malicious intent.

Nevertheless, the popularization of the so-called "positive gospels" have come from a non-historical basis, a mix of bad theology and a "change or die" church growth mentality. Here is a case in point.

Before Rick Warren opened the doors of Saddleback Church in southern California inhe conducted a poll of the residents in the surrounding area as to what kind of church they wanted. With results in hand, Warren then proceeded to model his church after the suggestions of the generally unsaved population.

This success - based on sheer numbers in the seats - in turn gave him the platform with which to further permeate the evangelical world with errant theology focusing on earthly "purpose" instead of on eternity complete with a non-biblical plan of salvation and a complete and very vocal disdain for sound fundamental doctrine.

In fact, it is indeed a mirror opposite of the plan which the Bible demands those called into leadership to follow. Have we forgotten that though some modern church growth plans may translate into more warm bodies in the pews that that in itself is not at all the mark of success?

Injecting our ideas and introducing what often amounts to worldly compromise - all to attain the goal of church growth - is actually a deceptive and dangerous strategy for leaders. Far worse though, compromising leaders help propagate lukewarm "religious" followers with no sense of godly biblical standards who miss the awe, reverence and supernatural power of God.An interesting article titled American Dilemma: Your Clutter or Your Life recently came across my radar.

And in that article, clutter guru Don Aslett is quoted as saying: “We have too much. We’re over-housed, over-clothed, overfed and over-entertained,”. "We are creating a society that is over-entertained, under-educated, and distracted," exclaims Nathan Janes from his studio near the coast of Lake Erie.

Janes, a writer, artist, and social critic living in Port Clinton, Ohio, is creating a book that will enrich and expand the vocabulary of children, encourage them to exercise reasoning, and ask. Why are humans fascinated and entertained by violence in popular entertainment media? We are over-controlled as soon as we start Kindergarten.

Man’s law, God’s Law, Society's Laws, Employer’s Laws, IRS, Government, Time, the list goes on. When we consider the history of religion in the U.S.A.

and in the western world – and when we observe the decline of lay participation in and commitment to local churches – we must recognize that society and entertainment have significantly changed over the past hundred years.

Yes it really has. When I think of how politicians and other public speakers talk today when they have something to say, it really does drive home the point that we as a society in general have become far too politically correct.

Yes it really has. When I think of how politicians and other public speakers talk today when they have something to say, it really does drive home the point that we as a society in general have become far too politically correct.

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