Barbing salon business plan in nigeria africa

Garri which is gotten from Cassava is one of the most sort after food in Nigeria, about 90 per cent of Nigerians consume garri on a daily basis both by the rich and poor and this makes the demand for the product to constantly be on the high side. Nigeria produces the highest tonnes of cassava in the world, this crop staple can be planted and produced in any part of the country because of its high level of adaptation. Cassava farming in Nigeria has become one of the most profitable farming in the country because as the population increases the need for garri also increases.

Barbing salon business plan in nigeria africa

How to Start a barbershop barbing salon in Nigeria: But allow me share you something important. While in school college or university, polytechnic, college of educationyou will have or be provided the opportunity to learn a study on a vocational skill and entrepreneurship study, in which a technical manual will be provided for purchase for those interested in the line of business.

Example of a technical manual Barbershop technical manual. The advantage of this is that the manual provided will give you a lot of insight on barbing which will be helpful during the course of your training.


During your training to start a barbershop of your own, nobody or trainer or boss will automatically start telling you every single thing you need to know about barbing. Things Like the human hair is classified into different bases; neither will be told the meaning or the definition of barbing.

barbing salon business plan in nigeria africa

But if presented the opportunity to learn a thing or two about any skill of your choice; be it fashion designing, catering, car wash etc. Why not go for it? Knowledge is power, remember that… Learn the skill Barbing This is arguably the most important success factor s to start a barbershop.

This aspect will in no doubt determine your success or failure running a barbing salon business in the nearest future. You need to learn how to give a very good haircut. Based on research, the appropriate length of months suggested to perfect your barbing skill is 12 months.

However, some individuals tend to spend 6 months learning how to deliver a good haircut. It all depends on your level of understanding, how quickly you can get to know important things or everything related to barbing. Make sure you do your personal research on where to acquire your barbing skill as it is very important.

Learning from a trainer with lots of customers is very important because there will be no time for play and most importantly you will stand the chance to learn and deliver different hair styles. Not all individuals will come for the same hair style throughout your barbing career.

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Learn the various trendy haircut styles to keep your customers satisfied and coming back. Hair styles Management skill Management too is important to start a barbershop business.

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During your course of training you should also learn or copy the management techniques adopted by your boss to grow his barbing salon to such high level. For your barbing salon or barbershop to be a success on the long run, you need to prioritize satisfying customers. Aside that, the way you manage salon affairs which involves planning, organizing, staffing, controlling etc plays key roles in its success, not forgetting cash flow management.

Focus is key during training. When you are focused during training, you tend to know every techniques needed to be known to run a business. Make sure you note it and work hard on them when you start a barbershop of your own. For example, maybe your boss gives no room for suggestions or opinions; how do you work on this?

Be open to opinions and suggestions but be careful as well the ones you implement. A good location is very important to start a barbershop.Nigeria Online Business Plan For West Africa How to search Online Business plan.

June 4, Leave a comment. How To Start Up a Barbing Salon See Plan On PDF|Feasibility Study Barbing salon or barbing shop is one business i love so much any business that those not have season of marketing is very nice and is what trying as well.

if you. To learn more about this booming business and find out barbing salon business plan in Nigeria, continue reading this article. A barber is one who cuts, shaves, grooms, and styles hair. This job is not just limited to males as women too have become interested in this line of work.

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A simple barbing salon in Nigeria can make you minimum of Nk every month and its the easiest business to start. Read this article to learn how. Oct 06,  · Posted by Paul Onwueme at PM Labels: Nigerian Business Plans barbing salon business nigeria, Barbing salon business plan nigeria Barbing salons are everywhere you have men, meaning they are practically suited for every environment.

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