Consumer behaviour product line extension billabong

Third Issue Fintech for the Consumer Market: An Overview By Tim Marder, Fintech Senior Supervisory Analyst, Financial Institution Supervision and Credit Division, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Recent technological innovations are resulting in significant changes to the financial services landscape and have led to the rise of certain nontraditional financial services providers.

Consumer behaviour product line extension billabong

In market ing t he decisions relat ed t o product mix and product lines are very import ant. When we discuss product mix, we discuss all t he product s of f ered by a company. In simple words, any organizat ion which is selling more t han 1 product has a product mix.

A product line is a broad group of product s, int ended f or similar uses and having similar charact erist ics. T he number of it ems in each product line is called t he Product Mix lengt h.

T he widt h of t he product mix ref ers t o t he number of product lines a company has.


One t ypical example is Amul. Each line has several product s t o of f er.

Consumer behaviour product line extension billabong

You can view t he product line of Amul here T here may be a number of reasons t o alt er eit her an exist ing product or a product line. T hese reasons may include support ing t he market ing st rat egy, Improving sales, Expansion of market share et c. T he product line can be alt ered by alt ering one or more of t he f ollowing at t ribut es.

Addit ion of new product s t o a product line is expanding the product line. T he product line may be t oo long of reducing product line lengt h result s in more prof it s.

T he product line may be t oo short if addit ion of new product s increases prof it s. When a range of product line of t en t he price range is increased it is called line stretching.

When a company operat es at t he lower end of t he market and int roduces new product s t o ent er t he upper marketit is called upward stretching. T his is done by int roducing premium product s and services. If a company working in a high end market int roduces new product s t o ent er t he lower market s as well, t his is called downward stretching.

Many companies st art wit h higher end and move t owards t he lower end. For example parker st art ed selling premium pensout of reach t o many of t he consumers and lat er t he company int roduced t he lower end product s. T he lower end market product s are also called budget product s.

T he Budget product s are advert ised heavily t o bring t he cust omer t o t he ent ire product line of t he company. If a company works in a moderat e market and decides t o survive bot h t he low end and upper end of t he market is T wo Way Stretch. T here is one more concept called cannibaliz ation.

Cannibalism is t he act of any animal consuming members of it s own t ype or kind. In market ing, Cannibalizat ion ref ers t o a reduct ion in t he sales volume, sales revenue, or market share of one product as a result of t he int roduct ion of a new product by t he same producer.

Int roduct ion of diet Pepsi or diet coke may eat up some of it s sales of regular coke or Pepsi. Int roduct ion of a new car may eat up t he sales of an older model of t he same car.MICKQ Consumer Behaviour CMA Megha Agarwal. As the utility of a product decreases as its consumption increases, consumers are willing to pay smaller amounts for more of the product.

Equi-Marginal Utility The law of equi-marginal utility is simply an extension of law of diminishing marginal utility to two or more than two commodities.

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Consumer behaviour product line extension billabong

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consumer behaviour, latest trends, market analysis, NEWism,} · But this new way of selling is a natural extension of test driving a new car, or sitting on a couch in a new display home.

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Sugarmedia What Who Conviction how we will drive change in consumer behaviour and how we will measure our success. Promotional Marketing is used to motivate change in consumer behaviour and drive product purchase. As an integrated extension of an experiential campaign or a standalone initiative, our promotional team is expert in.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR IN TOURISM The study of consumer behaviour focuses on how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time, money, effort) on consumption-related items. The field of consumer behavior covers a lot of ground.

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