Developing young minds toward entrepeneurship essay

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Developing young minds toward entrepeneurship essay

The mind of old men move in fixed grooves like a railway train; they cannot divert their minds to new channels of thought. Poet Tagore has called upon the youth to awaken these half-dead men. Otherwise the result is the unnecessary sacrifice of millions of lives, and many of them, the flowers of the nation, best and the ablest ones.

Out of these blunders of the old arose, like the new phoenix coming out of the ashes of the old, a movement all over the world for mobilising the energy and idealism of youth, for doing what age had failed to achieve.

Every nation has its own youth movement, but certain features are common to all. These youngmen and women are largely socialistic in their ideology, international in their outlook, pacific in their aims, humanitarian in their programme.

They have not approached all questions from the rational standpoint, as did the Derozians of Young Bengal. They are far readier than older people to accept new methods and ideals and to dismiss the prejudices of fanatical narrow-minded men.

They believe in ideals sincerely and try to work up to these ideals. They are, therefore, the leaders of progress. In India, the last century saw a resurgence of youth. But here politics has been the most important factor.

Young India translated everything in terms of politics. For this reason, most of their efforts were directed to organize strikes against academic routine, to engineering conflicts with the authorities who were directly or indirectly in alliance with the British.

But it was certainly not a symptom of the growing irreverence and irresponsibility of Indian youth. Much good work in the various youth organizations in the country have done and are doing till. In times of crisis, e.

It is one of the characteristic signs of the age that Youth Movements are more popular in the Socialist countries than in the older democracies.

This is possible because sensitive and catchy young men are more easily moved by idealism, more spontaneously respond to new ideas. Peace, anti-militarism, socialism or economic justice, world reconstruction— these appeal to young minds more and evoke a burning zeal.

This happened during the civil war of Spain. We are living in a period of intense crisis. Now more than every youngmen and women should place all the wealth of their idealism and energy at the service of their country. All political parties favour giving more opportunities and scope to young candidates and budding politicians to shape the future of the country.

Old fossils should yield place to the youth.

Developing young minds toward entrepeneurship essay

They should stand up for the larger ideals, for a more human and humanitarian approach to all problems. For the youth have no axe to grind, no interest to serve. They are eminently fitted by their spirit of freedom and resilience of mind to respond to the call of a changing reality.

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Member since January 31, 1 Post; Whether or not we are content with this fact, our childhoods shape who we become as adults. The kids with whom we play with and the activities that we do, shape our experiences and the stories.

Opportunities And Challenges For Rural Entrepreneurship In India Economics Essay. Print Reference this The paper also emphasizes the importance of rural enterprice development of developing the economy. the paper discusses entrepreneurship activities in rural india and identifies the challenges and provide some policy implication.

• Experimental study of a youth entrepreneurship program in the Netherlands found an increase in self-efficacy, need for achievement, risk taking propensity and problem solving skills in students as young . Innovation is defined as adding something new to an existing product or process.

Men and women who have engaged their minds in resourceful thinking to generate idea and products, which stand the test of time.

play when developing strategy. It is a common knowledge that successful entrepreneurs.

Shaping young minds! — Voices of Youth

Becoming an entrepreneur is a career many young people dream of. Many times however, the term ‘entrepreneur’ is mistakenly linked with success.

The Power of the Mind essaysSome say that the brain is one of the most powerful things one could possess. The mind can create and it can destroy; it should never be put to waste.

No one knows the boundaries or the restrictions that the brain holds because no one has used it to its limit. No one has.

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