Development and leadership

Courses focus on understanding human development and how to apply that knowledge to leadership in your current or future career setting.

Development and leadership

You have the opportunity to work in a variety of positions, enjoy diversified experiences and strengthen your skills all at the same time! We are committed to the professional development of every associate in our programs. Associates have the opportunity to work with a program manager who oversees their career growth and progression throughout the program.

Consistent duration of program length inclusive of training; Mentorship component to support program participants and develop talent; Potential to hold various career positions throughout the duration of the program Clear outline of program opportunities, career trajectory and professional development; Monitored change and necessary improvement to meet the needs of the business and associates.

In addition, every two years, Cigna hosts a unique experience for each associate in our full-time rotational programs through our Cross Program Summit.

Development and leadership

Each member of our executive team, including our CEO David Cordani, attends the event to show their commitment to our early career talent and their support of our leadership development programs. At the Summit, attendees expand their professional network, interact with members of our leadership team and attend sessions and seminars to enhance and deepen their understanding of our business.

At Cigna, we consider our program associates as, not only, the leaders of today, but the future leaders within our organization.

Statewide Leadership Development Model

Our Mission Our work is rooted in our mission to improve the health, well-being and sense of security of those we serve.

Our Priorities Customer Centricity Every day we make experiences easy and reliable—in ways that our customers find proactive, personal and empathetic. Inclusive Embrace our diverse individual strengths—as one team.

Collaboration Serve as a catalyst and convener to build sustainable solutions to create increased value for our customers, our company and our stakeholders. Innovation Push for a better tomorrow—and be accountable for its delivery. Integrity Do the right thing.Human Development and Leadership (HDL) Program.

The Master of Science in Human Development and Leadership (HDL) is designed to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of professionals. Courses focus on understanding human development and how to apply that knowledge to leadership in your current or future career setting.

People Development and Leadership The People Development and Leadership Club (PDL) is designed to prepare students to manage the people side of business. Our goal is to equip MBA students with the necessary skills to become better leaders, and also to serve those interested in Human Resources careers.

Salaries and Wages. Find out more about federal compensation throughout your career and around the world. Bill Coughlin. Bill is a full-time member of the Leadership Development Team for Lippert Components, Inc. in Goshen, Indiana. Bill is responsible for engaging and developing individuals and teams in impact leadership roles at the executive, divisional, and plant levels.

Take your career to the highest levels with ICMA University Leadership Development ProgramsIf you're ready for personal change if you're ready to assume senior leadership and take the lead, if you are senior leadership and looking to recharge your career, ICMA University invites you to discover a range of leadership development programs for every level of your career.

Advanced Planning Advances Purpose In leadership, there’s a massive amount of wait and see. Whether in the middle of an annual drive or a huge capital campaign, I believe development success is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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