Film analysis on metropolis

The New Tower of BabelFredersen's headquarters in Metropolis The Tower of Babel in Maria's recounting of the biblical story was modeled after this painting by Pieter Brueghel [13] Metropolis features a range of elaborate special effects and set designs, ranging from a huge gothic cathedral to a futuristic cityscape.

Film analysis on metropolis

Lang is conveying a message that when we mindlessly act without questioning what we are doing, we lose sight of what is important.

In the opening scene of Metropolis, the workers enter, looking down, walking slowly like drones. The camera is stationary and centered on the entrance to the factory, creating a symmetrical image between the workers marching in lines and the building itself.

Many shots in the film are similarly centered, perhaps trying to create a perfect image and illustrating that the factory system is perfect and well organized.

Even though the camera is not that low, the workers look very small next to the massive arches at the entrance. The next several shots cut to different machines, quickly performing in repetitive motions. When the camera cuts back to the workers, we see that their actions are similar to the machines.

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They move mindlessly in the same repetitive way. I think Lang chose to do this to illustrate how the machines are in control of the men, instead of the men controlling the machines. The film is edited to draw connections like this through the cuts.

Metropolis: themes and context Social and cultural contexts Metropolis is concerned with wider cultural and political issues, evidenced visually as well as thematically. The film’s social preoccupations have been described as a commentary on the political situation that existed in Germany at the time, but also. Explore the hypnotic pulse of current & classic electronic dance music with Metropolis. A weekly Saturday night show from Jason Bentley, at The "Nature" of the Female Cyborg: Evidence of Will in the Mechanical Woman "To my knowledge, the motif of the machine-woman in Metropolis has never been analyzed in any depth.".

There is also some juxtaposition between the images. The shot goes back and forth between the image of these poor kids and Freder surrounded by women in his big house. When Lang puts two opposite images side by side, we can see that one thing comes at the expense of the other.

The narrative of Metropolis somewhat mimics the narrative found in the Bible. When Maria tells the workers the story of the Tower of Babel, which angered God and provoked him to destroy it, we can assume that the Tower of Babel that the Master of Metropolis has built will also crumble as punishment.

Film analysis on metropolis

Also, the character of Maria is very Christ like. The reason the workers are so unprepared for this woman is because they are so busy working that they are losing sight of what is important. They give into their rage and do not think about the bigger picture.


It takes them a while before they even question where their children are after they destroy the heart machine. This is why the heart is the mediator between the brain and the hands, because it separates us from the machines.

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Without it, we become the machines.Feb 05,  · Analysis of Metropolis Posted on February 5, by tgarcia93 In his film Metropolis, Fritz Lang does an excellent job illustrating that a world run by machines is not ideal.

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Around the world, mass transit is struggling to compete with the private automobile, and in . Film Analysis on “ Metropolis” “ Metropolis” directed by Fritz Lang is a science fiction, futuristic style film.

It is about the socioeconomic differences in the futuristic city of Metropolis, between workers and the men who designed and ran the city.

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