Hot coffee essay

Weight loss Research has long supported the idea that drinking more water can help a person lose weight. This may partially be because drinking water increases feelings of fullness.

Hot coffee essay

Hot coffee essay

Latte art Coffee and milk have been part of European cuisine since the 17th century. The Austrian-Hungarian empire Central Europe had its own terminology for the coffees being served in coffee houses, while in German homes it was still called Milchkaffee.

Even when the Italian espresso bar culture bloomed in the years after WW2 both in Italy, and in cities like Vienna and London, espresso and cappuccino are the terms, latte is missing on coffee menus. The Caffe Mediterraneum in Berkeley, California claims Lino Meiorin, one of its early owners, "invented" and "made the latte a standard drink" in the s.

The latte was popularized in SeattleWashington in the early s [7] and spread more widely in the early s.


Spelling variations[ edit ] Coffee menus worldwide use a number of spelling variations for words to indicate coffee and milk, often using incorrect accents or a combination of French and Italian terms.

The coffee is brewed with a stovetop moka pot and poured into a cup containing heated milk. Unlike the 'international' latte drink, the milk in the Italian original is generally Hot coffee essay foamed, and sugar is added by the drinker, if at all.

A variant found in Australia and New Zealand similar to the latte is the flat whitewhich is served in a smaller ceramic cup with the micro-foamed milk. In the United States this beverage is sometimes referred to as a wet cappuccino.

Iced latte[ edit ] In the United States, an iced latte is usually espresso and chilled milk poured over ice. The latte macchiato is milk steamed to microfoamserved in a glass with a half shot of espresso poured gently through the foamy top layer, creating a layered drink with a "macchia"—a spot—of espresso on the top.

The use of the term 'macchiato' has been widened to include a huge array of beverages and ice creams. In some countries such as Germanylatte macchiato is the preferred term. The word "macchiato" itself is Italian for "stained" which refers to creating a coffee or milk "stain" in the drink.

Although a traditional macchiato is small, there are still ways to pour art into the crema of drink. The only difference between pouring latte art and macchiato art is that for a macchiato, the milk has to be poured faster and through a much smaller stream. Serving styles[ edit ] A cup of latte made with matcha, called green tea latte.

Popular variation of latte found in Asian countries. In some establishments, lattes are served in a glass on a saucer with a napkin to hold the sometimes hot glass. Increasingly common in the United States and Europe, latte art has led to the stylization of coffee making, and the creation of which is now a popular art form.

Created by pouring steaming, and mostly frothed, milk into the coffee, that liquid is introduced into the beverage in such a way that patterns are distinguishable on the top of coffee.

Popular patterns can include hearts, flowers, trees and other forms of simplistic representations of images and objects. Iced latte is often served unstirred so that coffee appears to "float" on top of white milk in a glass cup.

A variation of the iced latte, known as the "bootleg latte", "ghetto latte", or "poor man's latte", [16] is an iced espresso ordered in a larger than normal cup filled up with free milk from the condiment station.

Coffee and tea shops now offer hot or iced latte versions of chaimatchaand Royal milk tea.

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Other flavorings can be added to the latte to suit the taste of the drinker. Vanilla, chocolate, and caramel are all popular variants. In South Africa a red latte is made with rooibos tea. An alternative version of latte can be prepared with soy milk or oat milkas both have the ability to foam in the same way as cow milk, with soy milk versions being more prevalent.

Such alternatives are popular among people with lactose intolerance and vegans. Soy milk latte with latte art Politics[ edit ] Calling people "latte drinkers" pejoratively has become a common political attack in Western cultures.

The popularity of espresso drinking in large cities, especially among more affluent urban populations, has caused some to consider it elitist behavior. In the United States, conservative political commentators have been known to call their opponents "latte-drinking liberal elites.Daniel Goodman, Business Insider A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work for Starbucks as a barista.

I had recently moved to New York City, and I was freelancing at the time. Word of Wisdom. Section 89 of the Doctrine&Covenants is more commonly known as the Word of Wisdom and contains the dietary restrictions and health code followed by faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Editor's note: Autumn and winter holidays bring to festive American tables all manner of drink, from fine wines to grocery store celebrations of Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and New Year's are traditional justifications for raising a convivial glass with friends and family.

About five years ago, a friend took me to a Nashville coffee shop to try something called coffee soda, which sounds like a mash-up of two of America’s favorite beverages. The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them.

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