Impact of non performing loans on pakistan banks

Banks are the most important financial institutions in any economy. As banks are crucial for economy, it has plenty of responsibilities towards macroeconomic factors. Recently banks are facing some problems.

Impact of non performing loans on pakistan banks

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Causes and Effects of NPL in Banks. | Amit Das -

(March 15th, ): Punjab Provincial Co-operative Bank Ltd has recovered non-performing loans amounting to Rs million from 30th June to 31st December out of which Rs million was principal amount and Rs million was mark up. Non-performing loans (NPLs) rate is one of the main risks in commercial banks and is also a critical measure of the bank’s financial performance and stability.

Banks meet the growth rate of NPLs when the debtors are not able. Impact of Loan Deposit Ratio (LDR) on Profitability: Panel Evidence from Commercial Banks in Malaysia Dhanuskodi Rengasamy, (Bank 5) had a negative and non-significant impact of LDR on ROA and bank 7 had positive and significant impact.

Impact of non performing loans on pakistan banks

At present there were 8 locally owned commercial banks performing the. The excessively high level of non-performing loans in the banks can also be attributed to poor corporate governance practices, lax credit administration processes and the absence or non- adherence to credit risk.

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