Inclusion and diversity in childcare

Inclusion In Centre-based Child Care Services Inclusion in child care services reflects the acceptance in society of the principles of social justice - that children of all ability levels and cultural and ethnic backgrounds have the same intrinsic value and are entitled to the same opportunities for participation, acceptance and belonging in child care. Benefits Of Inclusion Inclusion can benefit all those involved. For the child with additional needs the benefits of inclusion can be: Children's ideas about who they are and how they feel about themselves are influenced by the people and environment around them.

Inclusion and diversity in childcare

Differences in backgrounds, culture and abilities are valued and families are actively encouraged to share their experiences with educators, staff, carers and other families. The centre involves the community to assist educators, staff and children understand and accept the range of cultures and abilities of members of the local community.

Specific requests will be honored where practical to demonstrate respect and ensure continuity of care of the child. Children with special needs will be provided with support so they can be included as equals within the centre.

Educators will treat all children equitably and encourage them to treat each other with respect and fairness. Educators will role model appropriate ways to challenge discrimination and prejudice, and actively promote inclusive behaviours in children.

Children will never be singled out, or made to feel inferior to or better than others. Educators will create opportunities as an integral part of their daily programs for children to learn about, develop respect for, and celebrate the diversity that exists in the centre and in the broader community by: The Nominated Supervisor and Educators will attend professional development that builds awareness of their own cultural beliefs and values, increases their cultural competence and helps them to challenge discrimination and prejudice.

The centre will access additional support, assistance and resources for children with additional needs including children from diverse cultural backgrounds, children with high ongoing support needs including disabilities and children of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.

Educators will work with families, inclusion support agencies and other specialists working with the child to develop individual support plans for children with additional needs.CDA & Diversity and Inclusion T he Council of Professional Recognition is a leader in the professional development of the early care and education industry.

Its Child Child Care Partnership.

Inclusion and diversity in childcare

implicitly support our kind of family unit and do not turn them against my choice of. Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

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The centre will ensure that appropriate inclusion support services are accessed and referred to families in order to support children’s well-being and full inclusion into the program.

that reflect the diversity of children and families in the centre and in the broader community. "Children don't come with instructions, but they do come with open minds," writes Christopher Metzler, Ph.D., an authority on issues of diversity and inclusion.

How can you encourage your kids to. / Promoting Diversity, Equity and Cultural Competence in the Early Years.

Inclusion and diversity in childcare

Further information and links for diversity, inclusion and cultural competence? “Child Care Routines - The Value and Importance” retrived 19/03/ from Child Care Routines. Linden, J., Booth, T, Ainscow, M and Kingston, D Index for Inclusion: developing learning, participation and play in early years and childcare (2nd Edition) (Bristol: Centre for Studies in Inclusive Education, ).

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Words | 15 Pages TDA Unit Equality, diversity & inclusion in work with children & young people [].In your setting, there is a range of policies which formally sets out guidelines and procedures for ensuring equality.

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