Looking glass spray paint projects

Find a space for a sweet vignette, like a mantel, bookcase or cozy nook.

Looking glass spray paint projects

Therefore, I eneded up ordering it online from Hobby Lobby. A few days later, the spray paint came in the mail and I was off to work. About 24 hours later, this is what I ended up with… Pretty cool, huh?

Start out by covering the outside of the glass with a few magazine pages and painters tape to prevent getting spray paint on the outside. This step is optional, but I did it just in case. It scratches right off.

Make sure your glass is super clean especially on the inside. Once the glass is sparkling clean, lightly spray the inside of the glass with water — just enough to form some good-sized water beads.

Rather than doing it outside in the rain, I decided to do this project in the laundry room. Even with an open window, it got realllly smelly in there.

And there may or may not be some reflective paint on the wall to the right of the washer. Right after you spray the water, lightly coat the inside of the glass with the Looking Glass spray paint. Just try to keep things as even as possible. After each coat, quickly turn the glass upside down to dry.

Make sure you put the glass upside down on a drying rack so air can get in there to dry both the paint and the water. I thought so, but I wanted to go for a more aged look. This step was a tad intimidating before I got started, but it ended up being really easy and fun.

Start out by using the scrubbing sponge to scratch away some of the Looking Glass spray paint here and there.

Candle Votives

I ended up mixing the gold and black paint here and there to make it look a little more blended and less choppy. You still want the candle light to shine though.

So just be sure to not overdo it. Not bad for a one-of-a-kind accessory! It looks just like something you would buy at a home decor store.Krylon Looking Glass mirror-like paint is a unique product that has a variety of applications.

It is perfect for adding special accents to craft projects or for providing a mirror-like effect on any clear glass object.

Mercury Glass – Mirror Paint

One of the first projects I did in the house was paint out the little kitchen desk area, remember that?The cabinet doors had clear glass panes and I decided to make the glass look like antiqued mirror using Looking Glass spray paint and a little bit of watered down vinegar.

First, the spray paint has to be Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint. I had originally thought that I could get away with using just a silver metallic spray paint but this isn’t the case. The Looking Glass spray paint is more expensive than the regular spray paint and not as widely available.

Looking glass spray paint projects

Surprisingly the back side of the mirror that was originally painted with Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint was still in good shape. To age the mirror I randomly dabbed a wet rag onto the painted side of the glass to remove parts of the reflective finish.

DIY metallic and looking glass painted furniture and projects. DIY metallic and looking glass painted furniture and projects.

Metallic & Looking Glass painted furniture. Collection by Linda Myers. DIY mercury glass lamp with Krylon "Looking Glass" spray paint. Transform glass surfaces with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint, available in a 6 oz can. This airbrush spray can make any clear surface highly reflective. This Krylon spray paint /5(18).

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