Safety first fun a distant second

There is nothing worse than a major incident. People are killed and injured, memories last forever and time never heals.

Safety first fun a distant second

You can use these for Safety Week and for every day of the year, at work or at home. Be careful out there — the world's a crazy place! Brown Safety saves sickness, suffering, sadness. It may be too late to-morrow.

Safety First, Fun a Distant Second by Lakshay Airi on Prezi

The a, b, c of it will save you if you follow it: Don't let them be yours. Be careful and they'll not be yours! Carelessness may cost you your life.

Safety first fun a distant second

Hayes Safety doesn't happen by accident. National Safety Council used "accidents do not happen by accident," circa Hintermeister reproduction of a painting "Tragedy's playground. Don't learn safety by accident. Safety in its widest sense, concerns the happiness, contentment and freedom of everyone.

There is no mystery in safety. The important thing is to think a situation through and then apply common sense. The greatest asset in America is the American people. The greatest possible field for economy is not in saving materials but in promoting the safety of our people.

The future of the safety movement is not so much dependent upon the invention of safety devices as on the improvement of methods of educating people to the ideal of caution and safety.

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Guard himself as he may, every moment's an ambush. I've run a temperature in at least two hospitals and I also met up with quite a few legless, armless and otherwise badly messed up folks.

There's a whole lot of mighty serious accident contemplation going on in our hospitals. My observations have taught me that it is much better to think about accidents before they happen than to brood on them afterward.

Take it from an old campaigner, the best kind of hospital bed is the one that is permanently empty. And personally, I'd rather be late for dinner tonight here than to be on time for breakfast in the next world in the morning. Haste makes waste of a lot of good human material.

Safety first fun a distant second

Schwab, "New Values in Industry," Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car. It is the study of the right way to do things. No safety, know injury. Tweedy We now have unshakable conviction that accident causes are man-made and that a man-made problem can be solved by men and women.


Cameron Carelessness doesn't bounce; it shatters. Pew If safety is a joke, then death is the punchline. Last modified Oct 28 Fri The Tigers fell to second place, with 40 players on the rosters on opening weekend, followed by Florida with However, Alabama was the only one of the three colleges to have first-round picks.

The owner of Altitude Trampoline Park says he is not going to let a few ruin the fun for all of the teens who attend the weekly teen night event. AMY WILLARD CROSS, Safety First, Fun a Distant Second JOSH FREED, Say Hi or Die ALBERTO MANGUEL, Reading Ourselves and the World Around Us CHAPTER 3: DESCRIPTION ANNE MICHAELS, Hurricane KAREN CONNELLY, August 4 THIERRY MALLET, The Firewood Gatherers CHRISTIE McLAREN, Suitcase Lady.

Safety First, Fun Second

Investments for ‘Safety First’ Withdrawals. The basic idea of this safety-first approach is to lock in a stream of income that guarantees you a minimum standard of living.

Sep 13,  · She offers the best combination of safety, performance, and comfort in her class. Although small, this classic boat can be enjoyed in all weather. Inclement Weather, Heavy Traffic, or Night-Time Driving - In heavy traffic, at night, or when weather conditions are not ideal (eg.

light rain, light fog, light snow), .

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