Tanglewood case 1 brief introduction

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Tanglewood case 1 brief introduction

Page 1 of 5 Brief Introduction: The goal of the retail chain was to sell outdoor equipment and clothing; as well as some unique merchandise specially designed by the founders themselves.

Tanglewood is in good company when compared to peer competitors. All three chains are vying for the same types of customers with similar philosophies on store look and feel.

Tanglewood operates in the nondurable general retail industry, which in itself is an employer of 23 million people and accounting for over 3 trillion sales annually Heneman and Judge, Structure and Employee Makeup: Tanglewood uses the familiar organizational hierarchy as their organizational structure.

Each store manager has a store hierarchy consisting of assistant managers, department managers, shift leaders, operations associations and store associates. The research shows that the Regional Manager human resource practices have been varying from region to region, which is causing HR issues Heneman and Judge, The co-founders of Tanglewood have always felt that the employees were one of the greatest assets.

This philosophy was ingrained throughout the organization as evidenced by employee participation in the expanding business. Lines of communication were always open about all aspects of the corporation, right down to share price.

The atmosphere of team resonates throughout the business and is evidenced by every employee assisting all members of the store team. Employee suggestions are welcomed, encouraged and expected and actually tie back to incentive measures.

Beneath each Functional Area Director are Functional Area Managers taking care of the speciality areas of retention, recruiting, EEO, coaching, training, legal, communications, labor relations and so on. Retail, by history, tends to be difficult to staff. If one takes a quick look at the retail calendar, it is very easy to see that staffing challenges are aplenty in the retail sector.

Some challenges include summer slow down or ramp up, holidays, seasonal employees, part time employees and student employees to name only a few.

Acquire or Develop Talent — Retail is a tough staffing market. Tanglewood individual stores will need to have the key positions filled by acquired seasoned employees who know the retail sector. These are the manager positions and the shift leader positions. In my opinion, these positions require some additional knowledge of working with people and systems.

Tanglewood case 1 brief introduction

Those employees will then aid in the development of the new employees brought on in the roles of store associates and operations associates. The new associates would be individuals willing to learn and willing to do the job. Lag or Lead Time — The lag systems makes sense for Tanglewood.

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Tanglewood Case 1: Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy Introduction: Tanglewood has experienced success and very fast growth over the years, due to the involved efforts of its founders, its core workforce and strategies around participative style of management.

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