The life of richard kuklinski an american contract killer

This post was originally published on this site 0 Share Tweet Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Richard Leonard Kuklinski was an American contract killer and serial killer who was convicted of murdering or more people. Kuklinski lived with his wife and children in the New Jersey suburb of Dumont. While his range of criminal activities expanded, he began to make mistakes.

The life of richard kuklinski an american contract killer

April Date of birth: July 7, Victims profile: A man and nine women Method of murder: Blows to the head with various objects Location: Sentenced to 12 years in prison for manslaughter in ax murder of a salesman, Sentenced to life in prison for nine rape-murders, Committed suicide by hanging in prison on February 18, A small, chubby bespectacled man, Rudolf Pleil took to murder immediately after trying it for the first time.

But no one knew the extent of his crimes until he was sent off to prison on a charge of manslaughter for the clubbing of a salesman with an ax in The jury, during the course of the trial, decided that the harmless looking man did not intend to kill the victim, and that the crime was "spur of the moment.

His subtitle for the work? The women told of the time she crossed paths with Pleil, who was working as a border guard after the war.

She was trying to escape East Germany, and Pleil offered to help. He did in fact manage to get her over the the west side of the wall, however, once he had her in a desolate area, he started to beat her until, he thought, she was unconcious.

Actually, the woman faked being beaten senseless, and when Pleil left her, presumedly for dead, she ran off to safety.

The police followed up on the story and began to dig a little deeper into the young man's past. It wasn't long before they uncovered a history of multiple murders, apparently born out of the second World War while he served as a German soldier.

It seems that Pleil, along with so many others in the German army during the war, discovered his penchant for human suffering while witnessing first hand the atrocities of war victims at the hands of Nazi death squads.

Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski: The Chilliest Killer in Criminal History ~ vintage everyday

He claims that his first "sexual experience" was when he saw naked, battered bodies being thrown like garbage into a freshly dug pit by the Gestapo near his military post. After the war he put his new found tastes into action by posing as a border guard in the no-man's land near Saxony seperating the East and West and picking up desperate women trying to flee the Eastern Bloc.

Usually he raped, then killed the women, leaving them for dead wherever they lay. His weapons changed every time. He would use hatchets, knives, a hammer or a stone. Some of the items were found, some were part of his personal arsenal. He even had two accomplices at one point who helped trap the victims.

However, when it came to murdering them, it was all Pleil. Oddly, he had a falling out with one of them because of an incident where the accomplice insisted on decapitating the victim, enraging Pleil who could not understand why he would suggest such a barbaric action.

It wasn't until the uncharacteristic murder of the male salesman that Pleil was imprisoned for a crime, leading to the uncovering of the others. The police reworked the case and eventually charged Pleil with nine counts of rape and murder, to which Pleil insisted he be charged with the "correct" number of 25, stating that,"You underestimate me, I am Germany's greatest killer.

I put others, both here and abroad, to shame.

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Rudolf Pleil Rudolf Pleil made an unlikely-looking monster. Fat and jovial, he radiated charm and a disarming sense of humor, worming his way into the confidence of the women who became his victims. None would see the darker side in time to save themselves, but it existed all the same, concealed within a man who called himself Germany's "champion death-maker.Jan 14,  · -Richard Leonard Kuklinski (April 11, – March 5, ) was an American contract killer who was convicted for five murders.

Kuklinski was given the nickname. Jan 14,  · -Richard Leonard Kuklinski (April 11, – March 5, ) was an American contract killer who was convicted for five murders. Kuklinski was given the . Richard Kuklinski: Richard Kuklinski, American serial killer, known as ‘The Iceman,’ who was convicted of five murders and who in a series of media interviews later confessed to having killed at least more and to having been a Mafia hit man.

Learn more about his life and the murders for which he was convicted. Much of Kuklinski’s infamy was solidified in a series of HBO interviews as well as another biography, Philip Carlo ’s The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer.

The life of richard kuklinski an american contract killer

There are entire passages in Carlo’s book where inexplicable gaps in details about certain murders simply go unexplained. Richard Kuklinski was a famous American contract killer, who was born on April 11, As a person born on this date, Richard Kuklinski is listed in our database as the 3rd most popular celebrity for the day (April 11) and the 6th most popular for the year ().Born: Apr 11, In , Richard Speck committed one of the most horrifying mass murders in American history when he brutalized and killed eight student nurses living on Chicago's South Side.

Richard Leonard Kuklinski - The Iceman - Contract Killer