The mathematical equation

Unfortunately, it now seems too cumbersome to form a practical solution, and has been dropped. It is intended to cover the majority of users needs, rather than aiming for complete coverage. This makes it practical to use a simplified notation compared with richer notations, e. This can be represented as:

The mathematical equation

A strange attractorwhich arises when solving a certain differential equation.

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A differential equation is a mathematical equation that relates some function with its derivatives. In applications, the functions usually represent physical quantities, the derivatives represent their rates of change, and the equation defines a relationship between the two. Because such relations are extremely common, differential equations play a prominent role in many disciplines including physicsengineeringeconomicsand biology.

In pure mathematicsdifferential equations are studied from several different perspectives, mostly concerned with their solutions — the set of functions that satisfy the equation. Only the simplest differential equations are solvable by explicit formulas; however, some properties of solutions of a given differential equation may be determined without finding their exact form.

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If a self-contained formula for the solution is not available, the solution may be numerically approximated using computers.

The theory of dynamical systems puts emphasis on qualitative analysis of systems described by differential The mathematical equation, while many numerical methods have been developed to determine solutions with a given degree of accuracy. Ordinary differential equations[ edit ] Main article: Ordinary differential equation An ordinary differential equation or ODE is an equation containing a function of one independent variable and its derivatives.

The term "ordinary" is used in contrast with the term partial differential equationwhich may be with respect to more than one independent variable. Linear differential equations, which have solutions that can be added and multiplied by coefficients, are well-defined and understood, and exact closed-form solutions are obtained.

By contrast, ODEs that lack additive solutions are nonlinear, and solving them is far more intricate, as one can rarely represent them by elementary functions in closed form: Instead, exact and analytic solutions of ODEs are in series or integral form.

Graphical and numerical methods, applied by hand or by computer, may approximate solutions of ODEs and perhaps yield useful information, often sufficing in the absence of exact, analytic solutions. Partial differential equations[ edit ] Main article: Partial differential equation A partial differential equation PDE is a differential equation that contains unknown multivariable functions and their partial derivatives.

This is in contrast to ordinary differential equationswhich deal with functions of a single variable and their derivatives.

The mathematical equation

PDEs are used to formulate problems involving functions of several variables, and are either solved by hand, or used to create a relevant computer model. PDEs can be used to describe a wide variety of phenomena such as soundheatelectrostaticselectrodynamicsfluid flowelasticityor quantum mechanics.

These seemingly distinct physical phenomena can be formalised similarly in terms of PDEs.

Just as ordinary differential equations often model one-dimensional dynamical systemspartial differential equations often model multidimensional systems. PDEs find their generalisation in stochastic partial differential equations. Types of equations[ edit ] Equations can be classified according to the types of operations and quantities involved.The equation is a type of differential equation known as a wave-equation, which serves as a mathematical model of the movement of waves.

It governs the behavior of atoms and subatomic particles in quantum mechanics. L is the momentum (angular because we are moving in an orbit:P) we have in our lives which defines how much we will impact other's lives. i denotes the complex part (which is mathematically equal to the square root of -1) Fe is the chemical symbol for Iron.

The whole thing equal to 0 signifies the. Related to Mathematical equation: mathematical function, Mathematical expression, Mathematical formula equation, in mathematics, a statement, usually written in symbols, that states the equality of two quantities or algebraic expressions, e.g., x +3=5.

The mathematical equation that caused the banks to crash The Black-Scholes equation was the mathematical justification for the trading that plunged the world's banks into catastrophe Ian Stewart.

Boyle's law (sometimes referred to as the Boyle–Mariotte law, or Mariotte's law) is an experimental gas law that describes how the pressure of a gas tends to increase as the volume of the container decreases.

The mathematical equation

A modern statement of Boyle's law is. There is a lot of beauty in mathematical equations. They represent some of the most profound rules that govern the Universe and everything in it. Understanding the most profound equations takes.

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