White chicks im going to write a letter gif

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White chicks im going to write a letter gif

It speaks for itself. Pray that it makes a difference for future women who will battle postpartum illness. On February 22,I developed significant postpartum mood disorder symptoms.

As a registered nurse, I have a moderate knowledge base of postpartum illness and knew what was happening.

white chicks im going to write a letter gif

My scheduled appointment was with a physician whom I preferred not to see due to a lack of bedside manner. You need to see a psychiatrist.

I walked out of the office, script in hand, wondering why he would say such a thing.

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I was taught that postpartum illness could develop within the first year of birth. The following weeks brought an appointment with a not so helpful psychiatric nurse practioner and untoward side effects from the Prozac.

She directed me to a reproductive psychiatrist that assured me I was not going crazy, and the exact nature of my symptoms were experienced by many women.

My medication regimen was adjusted, and she was astute enough to recheck my TSH after noting I was trending toward hyperthyroidism about a month before the onset of my symptoms.

I was then referred to an endocrinologist when my TSH level had swung in the opposite direction. After months of therapy, medication, and support I have been healed. But I am angry. If I had been a patient lacking the nursing knowledge I have, I shudder to think what may have come of my situation.

The first time a mom seeks help for a postpartum mental health related issue sets the tone for her entire recovery. Did I mention he is the head of the practice? My purpose in writing this letter to ACOG is to ask the following: What is ACOG doing to educate these physicians to prevent a situation such as mine from happening?

white chicks im going to write a letter gif

Why is it so difficult to find postpartum resources? I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person. I can tell you that at least 12 people directly contributed to my ongoing recovery. Twelve people helped me, and one physician nearly ruined me.

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I literally have to fight the urge to tell my story to every pregnant woman or mom with a newborn that I see. I truly look forward to hearing a response from ACOG and hope that my questions will not be overlooked or brushed aside as my initial road to recovery was.White Chicks Im Going To Write ALetter GIF HD GIF SD GIF MP4.

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